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4 Secrets to Growing Longer/Stronger Hair

4 Secrets to Growing Longer/Stronger Hair

We all dream of having longer, stronger, thicker hair - but when it comes to hair growth and achieving your goals, it can be frustrating. If you find yourself in a never-ending rut of breakage, you're not alone and I have a few tips to help your hair grow faster and stronger!

1) A Healthy Superfood Diet:

It's not all about the organic products you put on your hair, but more importantly what you put into your body. In order to obtain longer & stronger hair, your diet should include food rich in vitamins, zinc, iron, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids and protein. 

Here is a list of superfood choices that will help you get the longer locks you've been striving for:

-Salmon     -Sweet Potatoes    -Eggs     -Avocado    -Spinach     -Lentils     -Bell Peppers           -Almonds & Walnuts     -Blueberries     -Whole Grains     -Oysters    -Soy & Kidney Beans      -Greek Yogurt     -Kiwi   

A healthy lifestyle will, without a doubt, help you grow strong and luscious hair. If your diet is lacking in nutrition, a supplement can still provide amazing results. Look for multivitamins labeled "For Hair, Skin and Nail" that contain Biotin, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C. If you’re not a fish eater, then you should also try taking an Omega 3. 

2) Embrace Your Hair's Natural Oil:

Time to start waiting a little bit longer between washes. Washing your hair obsessively strips your hair from essential natural oils that protect your hair shafts and keep your scalp from drying out. Remember, the less you wash, the less you have to blow dry and style. It's a win-win. Dry shampoo is your friend if you need a little refresh! Also, check out 3 Easy Ways to Style your Messy Hair in Under 5 Minutes for more ways to wear your hair between washes.

3) Allow Your Hair Time to Grow:

We've all heard it: trims are so important to having healthy/fast growing hair. Dead ends, if untreated, will continue to break leaving your hair stringy and weak. However, there is definitely such thing as trimming too often. If you religiously go to the salon every 6 weeks to get 2 inches cut off, chances are, you haven't seen much growth in a while. Trimming the ends doesn't miraculously make your hair grow faster, therefore if you hair is healthy and the ends are not broken, there is no need. And don't pick at your split ends - it will only make them worse, we promise! Give your hair time to grow and trim only when needed! 

4) Give Your Hair A Little Break:

Over-styling is the quickest and easiest way to damage your hair. Curling, straightening, blow drying, and wearing your hair up for long periods of time are known for creating extra damage. Here are some healthy alternative hair styling tips & tricks:

-Skip the blow-dry & embrace your natural hair texture.

-Make the switch to loose braids and messy buns. Pulling your hair up too tight causes tension and breakage around the hairline. 

-Use metal free, seamless elastics or bobby pins to secure hair for little to no damage.

-When using hot tools, lower the heat and always use a heat protectant spray.


Good news - Your morning routine just got a whole lot easier while allowing your hair to be 10x healthier!

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