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DIY Yarn Flag Tapestry

DIY Yarn Flag Tapestry

We love getting crafty here at Threads HQ. We found a stick, some yarn and paint, & spiced up our office with a new fun piece of bohemian wall art. The best part is.... it's SO easy! Make yourself a door curtain, statement wall piece to hang behind your bed or couch, or hang in a window and fall in love with the way just enough light shines through. 

All you need:

  • Long Skinny Branch
  • Scissors
  • Five to Six Different Bundles of Yarn - $5 per bundle 
  • Rit Dye (we chose Scarlet, Fusha, Tangerine, Turquoise & Navy) - $4.50 each
  • Spray Bottle - $1.99
  • Plastic Gloves - $1.99

First, get everything prepped. You will be able to get through the next steps faster if you cut all the string you need in the beginning. We cut ours to be about two feet long and then trimmed it down at the end. Length can very. Look at the space you want to hang it and decide on the best length for you.

Once all your string is cut, we can start tying them on. Tie the pieces close together to give your tapestry a full effect leaving a little space on each end to make it easier to hang. 

How we knotted ours:

Mix up the yarn textures as you go! Come up with a good pattern that adds a unique texture.

The ends may get a little knotted or frayed, so we recommend giving it a good trim. We cut ours with a zigzag effect to make it look more worn and rugged, but you can just simply cut straight across or in any design you like!

Now for the fun part, time to get messy! We recommend doing the next few steps outside. Not only will you have tons of room, but it will save you a huge mess.

Ombre Flag Paint:

-Starting with lightest color first (Tangerine), apply dye using a squirt bottle to create a messy, ombre effect and paint two stripes in a zigzag motion to match the end of the string. You can use artist tape to give yourself a guideline of where to spray.

-Let the dye soak in & wait until it is almost dry to continue on to next color

-Apply darker shade of dye overlapping slightly. (We mixed 2 caps Scarlett, 1 Fusha & 1 Tangerine to get our desired red color.) 

-Repeat the same steps until you added all the colors you would like. (If dying a flag, apply equal parts turquoise & navy to square after stripes are finished) & then hang to dry. This will allow paint to run down slightly creating more of a natural ombre effect.

Once completely dry, hang on a wall, in a doorway or over a window and instantly add some Boho Americana flare to your home. Don't forget to take pictures & share how you styled it by tagging @threads. Enjoy Babes!

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