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Wanderlust // Guide to Joshua Tree

Wanderlust // Guide to Joshua Tree

Travel Goals

It has been a complete dream exploring all the West Coast has to offer. There are so many hidden treasures all over this country and visiting national parks has become a new goal of ours. Not only do you get to enjoy the beautiful and majestic sceneries our Earth has to offer, but it can also be done very inexpensively! We decided to venture to Joshua Tree National Park- and I can honestly say it's it's been my favorite experience in the Golden State thus far.  

Stay A While 


Pack a picnic + some blankets, and make yourself at home. We brought wine, cheese, dips, games, oh and a puppy of course! (Lucy had the time of her life)  

Make The Moment Last 


Just snapping a couple polaroids is an awesome way to hold on to the memories of your adventure. I keep polaroids of my friends and I in my wallet and it's so bittersweet to look back on all the good times. 

The Joshua Trees 


Known for the funky Joshua Trees scattered all around, this park has the wildest landscape. While the scenery is extravagant and loud, it was actually the quietest most peaceful place I have yet to encounter on my California adventure. A nice change for the bustling streets of Los Angeles. 

Dress To Impress


Match the vibe of the landscape and dress as wild as you want! We went around 4:00 to catch some awesome lighting for photos and still enjoy the California sunset that followed. 

Every Little Detail


Every inch of this place was covered with unique enchanting details. From giant rock formations to tiny little cacti, it felt like we were exploring a different planet. 

Still Dreaming 


You HAVE to stay and watch as the sun sets into a sky full of stars. We were lucky enough to go on an (almost) full moon. Laying out and staring up into the sky, I saw the most stars I have seen in such a long time. From Joshua Tree to the Blue Ridge Mountains, there's so many beautiful landscapes our Earth has to offer. â˜†

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