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HQ Threads Babes Reveal Their Holy Grail Essentials

HQ Threads Babes Reveal Their Holy Grail Essentials

We all have those things…you know the things you literally cannot live without. It sounds dramatic and yes it may be but these things are crucial in your every day life. It’s the meal you can’t go a week without craving or the moisturizer your skin will dry up into thin air without. It’s just those things. The ladies at Threads HQ want to share a few of their all time favorites and maybe you will get hooked too.


First up is our lovely CEO, Anne. Amongst being an ultimate girl boss she has to have her go-to essentials that she can always count on. She swears by her Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and always starts her day with her favorite Kbeauty cleansing balm, BANILA CO Clean It Zero.


One of the two Nicoles in the company, this Nicole is our incredible District Manager. After a day of overseeing basically everything she treats herself by drowning her skin in Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil. Nicole is literally a superhero. Every superhero needs their kryptonite, hers is 100% the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. She goes through bottles like it’s her job and damn does it work. She looks good.


Audrey, our amazing Buyer isn’t leaving the house without a tube of Balm Dotcom by Glossier in her purse. Preferably the mint flavor. Slide her a bag of Hot Cheetos and watch the show Insecure with her and she will most likely name you her bff, (but really her pup Reggie will always be her #1).


Of course Jen, the most talented Visual Merchandiser, has totally chic and fab answers. If you know her it makes sense. She pampers her hair like a Queen using the milk_shake Leave In Conditioner. She advises to sprinkle a bit of her favorite Moon Juice Beauty Dust on pretty much everything, I think I will abide by this recommendation.


Mona, our funky spirited Marketing Coordinator, always comes in glowing with her ColourPop Highlighter. I’ve never seen her without all of her rings. She accessorizes her fingers with opal, moonstone and turquoise, it’s honestly an art. It’s not set in stone but I’m pretty sure if she had the only say her wedding would be catered by Chick-Fil-A…I support it.


Niki, our Assistant Buyer, is our 5’ little bundle of joy. Do not be fooled though, her tiny physique can still put down some tacos. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you name it. Side note, she has the most amazing curls ever and swears she owes it all to Ouai Wave Spray.


Iesa, our ever-so gifted Graphic Designer, is always coming in with the best snacks but I respect her narrowed down answer of Peanut M&M’s, they’re a classic. She is such a quick and efficient worker so it makes sense that her favorite beauty products would mirror that. Her routine consists of swiping on Glossier Boy Brow and then walking out of the door to take on the world!


Taylor is our queen of E-Commerce Fulfillment. She’s basically a Threads Santa Claus. I think the term “brows on fleek” was created by someone after they met Taylor. The ABH Dipbrow Pomade makes all of her brow dreams come true. A perfect day for her is snuggling with her kitty, Grimm, and slurping down a bowl of Ramen.


Hi, it’s me, Nicole. I work on E-Commerce Marketing. I like to think Kate Somerville and I are bffs, her Eradikate cleanser literally makes me the happiest woman in the world so like we would def get along, right? Let’s just say yeah. Three things that never fail to put me in the best mood: cheese, chocolate, and new shoes. Write that down and don’t forget it people.


Last but certainly not least, our security guard Harley. He is the sweetest most fluffy golden doodle around. He’s pretty tired by the end of the day with all of his roles; security, emotional support, model….I mean it sounds exhausting. At least he looks good doing it, rocking his Harley Davidson collar. A true style icon.


We loved sharing some of our all time favorites with you. Comment below and let us know some of your must-have things! Happy reading, babes ♡



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