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A Podcast For Every Mood

A Podcast For Every Mood

It’s no secret that podcasts are all the rage.  Whether you’re on a road trip, stuck in blistering traffic(LA and Atlanta we’re lookin at you), at the gym, getting ready to go out, or enjoying a meal solo  - there’s a podcast to suit your every mood or interest. With so many options though, what should you actually listen to?

 Well.... call us crazy, but 2019 feels like a good year to celebrate and support the cool sh*t that WOMEN are doing. In that spirit, here are a few of our favorite pods. Pop in some ear buds and find a new favorite podcast- relevant to whatever state of mind you’re in. Get ready to tune in…

If you want to be inspired…


Second Life. Every time I listen to this podcast I get so motivated and feel like I am able to do anything. All of the guests tell their stories from the very beginning, how they got there, what they did, the good the bad and the ugly. The show gives you tips on how to stop doubting yourself and really get started on your dreams. I love listening to this podcast while I’m pumping my arms on the treadmill, the whole situation is just super invigorating. This is a MUST listen.

If you want to channel your inner Nancy Drew…


Limestone. Willing to go out on a limb here and say this is one of the best podcasts out there. Basically a town built to house a society of geniuses working on some top secret project experiences some sort of mass hysteria. There are frantic 911 calls and then overnight ...300 people vanish into thin air! Our lead character is a heroine, and we follow along as she tracks down the truth. The entire pod is HIGHLY worth listening to, but the second season is almost entirely written by women.

If you’re feeling a little artsy...


A Piece Of Work. Imagine there was a way to do a museum day with one of the chicks from Broad City... but like the artsy one that can actually explain “why this is cool/important/relevant “ to you. Well this podcast is JUST that! Abbi Jacobson is our artistic wing woman as we explore some of the coolest art in NYC. 

If you’re wellness curious...


That’s So Retrograde. Stephanie “Falcon” Simbari and Elizabeth Kott ARE us. They love an astrology moment and about the latest what the hell ever that’s giving everyone glowing goddess skin rn.... but they also like a strong marg and regularly dish about Vanderpump Rules. Hysterically funny and highly relatable. It’s new age without the woo-woo. 

If you want to laugh…


Comments By Celebs. “Because even famous people love famous people.” Meet your weekly recap of anything and everything you need to know about celebrity gossip, completed with weekly celeb rewards. It’s all the juice you want from pop culture, but with a knee-slapping insider’s twist. P.S. If you don’t already follow their Instagram, do yourself a favor and click that follow- we promise you won’t regret it.

Grab some headphones or turn up the speaker in your car and get to listening. You don’t wanna miss out on these!


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