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 Cali for the Summer x Threads HQ Internship

Cali for the Summer x Threads HQ Internship

My time in California has been everything I dreamed it be and more! I loved my time with my Threads babes and getting to do what I love everyday for work. I wish that I never had to leave, but before I go here is my final review and tips to know when considering SoCal for vacay or permanent stay! Till next time... xx Perry

Drinks + Eats  

All summer I have been on the search for the BEST restaurants in SoCal, a pretty hard task with how many amazing/unique cafes are on every corner. But now that things are wrapping up and we have eaten A LOT of amazing food in countless cool cities, I think I can narrow it down to a few of my faves:

        ☆ Lido Hotel + Rooftop - Newport (perfect for drinks with the girls) 

        ☆ Splashes - Newport (dinner right on the water)

        ☆ Pink Taco - LA (PINK + TACOS = HEAVEN) 

        ☆ The Hart and The Hunter - Melrose (My new fav brunch spot) 

        ☆ Marugame Monzo - Little Tokyo (for a late night noodle run) 

        ☆ Izakaya Sushi - Manhattan Beach

Insta-Worthy Spots!

Truly any corner of California is insta-worthy! BUT here are a few iconic Instagram spots every gal visiting should know about: 

        ☆ Windsor Boulevard (Famous palmtree lined street + views of the Hollywood Sign) 

        ☆ Colorful street murals on Melrose Ave 

        ☆ Santa Monica Pier (Hop of the ferris wheel for crazy coastal views!)

        ☆ Malibu Pier - stop by the famous Malibu Farms cafe for an Insta-worthy brunch   

        ☆ Literally any California beach, the cliffs and coves make these beaches like nowhere else. Laguna and Manhattan are my favorite! 


Working all day, going out all night. The nightlife in California has been SO much fun! Luckily, I have had the best group of girls out here to explore new places with. The nightlife in downtown L.A. and West Hollywood is truly like nowhere else and we have had the best time finding our go-to spots. 

        ☆ Nightingale

        ☆ Poppy

        ☆ No Vacancy (speakeasy bar)

        ☆ The Avenue  

        ☆ Delilah

        ☆ Bootsy Bellows

California Nostalgia 

I think what I'll miss the most about California is the culture and atmosphere in general. I’ll miss the spontaneity of everything, like driving up PCH to head to the beach or strolling around Santa Monica to shop. Popping into random speakeasies in Hollywood and countless celebrity sightings. There is just so much to experience here. So many different types of people and endless places to explore, 8 weeks somehow wasn't even enought time. The fun really never stops.

IMG_4419 (1).jpg

My biggest concern with spending my Summer in Cali was whether or not I would find my place or even my people. And I have to say, looking back, I am so surprised by how quickly and easily I adjusted to the California lifestyle. It's easy to fall in love with this place, these people, and this life.

If you've never been and dream of visiting, or your contemplating a big move to this crazy city, I say pack your bags, and just go! I truly believe there is a place for every type of person.


Farewell Feels 

I have A LOT of mixed emotions about going back home to Atlanta. I'm obviously so excited to see my family and my best friends, but so sad to leave this experience behind. This summer has been the best yet and has allowed me to really start dreaming about my future. I think if the right opportunity arrises at the right time there is a good chance I will be back to the west coast. :)

 Im so grateful for my Threads fam and for this opportunity to live the California dream for a little bit. Until next time 



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