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Artists We Love: Cam Schott

Artists We Love: Cam Schott

Today we are shining a bright light on one of our original #ThreadsBabes, the beautiful Cam Schott! The Georgia based artist and model is one of the most talented and kind hearted people we’ve ever known; she’s a good one for sure. We took a dip into her life and got to know how she got started as an artist, what inspires her, and how to get out of those creative ruts we all hate. Keep scrolling to read up on our girl Cam- you won’t regret it. ♡

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Tell us about yourself & your art background

I have always gravitated towards anything creative as far back as I can remember. Being a self taught artist is all about finding your own way through your strengths and weaknesses as an artist - eventually finding a niche that your talents come together in to make great art. I never thought that I could grow up to be an artist, but slowly it just fell into my lap as I picked up my paintbrush while studying in college. I started to pursue art because I realized I had these gifts that brought me joy to use, and in using those, I can create work that brings others joy, peace, and mindfulness. Now Im lucky to be able to say art and modeling serve together, both creatively, as my full-time job!

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What is a typical day in the life?

When I don't have a booking, I start my mornings early and slow; it really helps me feel grounded and mindful for the day ahead. I start with a big breakfast and big mug of hot chocolate or coffee while I read my devotional or inspiration for the day. Every day is different, but I have to move in some way or form whether it be yoga, a walk, or some other type of workout. Being outside is half of my inspiration as well and it helps me feel refreshed and centered. Depending on what projects I have at the time I will dive straight into those commissions, and when I don't have any pressing commissions lined up I work on my own work! Art days usually consist on lots of consistent painting, good music, and fresh air so as long as I have all three, it makes for a successful work day!

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What is your creative process like? 

My creative process is all about collecting as many inspiration photos as possible! Of course, I feel most inspired when I personally experience the ultimate, magical sunset, but searching through photos of beautiful and amazing sunsets helps me figure out what direction I want to take with the next piece! Most of the time, I look to recreate straight from a photo so finding the perfect subject is so important to me! You can always always always find me with my phone in hand at any sunset; there's just something that makes my heart sing every time I get to experience those moments under the most colorful clouds.

Any other mediums you love to work in/experiment with?

I work mainly in oil paints, but recently I've been brainstorming pretty hard about some cool interactive concepts, which I'm beyond stoked about! Hopefully you'll get to see those soon!

What are you working on right now?

My next little collection I'm working on (besides my custom commissions) is a collection of mini works! I have so many followers that can't always invest in a large piece of work, and I want them to still be able to invest in something original so all of the mini's will be available for under $100 and perfect for all those who need a piece to fit on their gallery wall, bedside table, or any other small place. After that I have a very ambitious collection idea, involving an International goal.

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Ever find yourself in a creative rut? How do you pull yourself out?

Yes, I think every artist finds themselves in creative ruts, but every time I find myself in one I do a couple things. I spend more time in nature, I step away from my art for a day or so, I collect photos that make me feel energized and positive, and I focus on things I love to do outside of art. I feel that I do my best work when my creative tank is full and often times that could mean resting, reading a book, spending time with friends, sitting in the sun, or traveling!

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What artists inspire your work?

My work is strictly inspired by this world's creation and the beauty that it holds, but there are countless artists that inspire me and keep my creative spirit alive! Brynn Casey was one of the first fine artists I discovered on my own, and her work is utterly breathtaking - painting the sea is her muse. And Zaria Forman uses pastel and her hands to paint her icebergs and landscapes which actually look like real life photos; they are so utterly amazing, and both girls are more than worth checking out. They make me want to be a better artist every single day.


What are some challenges & benefits of being a full time artist?

There are so many challenges to being a full-time artist, but they all balance out because of every single benefit! Being a full-time artist is tough because the only person who determines your success is you; business is unpredictable because your sales depend on there being customers for your work; the market is saturated these days with plenty of entrepreneurs and you have to find your own voice in the space; and you're always working - even when you don't think you are! But the benefits of being full-time artist are determining your own schedule, getting to use your talents to create positivity and light in the world, being your own boss, freedom to take your career in whatever direction you want, and creating this whole thing as an extension of yourself to show and give to those around you! It's truly a beautiful career, and I'm so lucky to experience the challenges and benefits of it.

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Any advice for young artists?

You are the only person in charge of your destination. Truly look inward, never outward, and find the thing that makes your soul sing! And do the next thing in order to get you one step closer to that. Nothing will happen overnight - absolutely nothing. So put in the hard work, trust, have faith, and be kind along the way. Things will fall into place one day at a time!

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