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A Threads Babe Guide To Thrifting

A Threads Babe Guide To Thrifting

How much money is too much for thrifted clothes?

It really depends on each piece! Definitely do a little phone research while you’re shopping, you’d be amazed at what some pieces are actually worth! I bought a plaid Pendleton blazer from Goodwill for $6.99 and on their site it costs $299, I’d say that’s a steal. If you’re going to a consignment store, the prices are higher but most of the work is done and you can find truly unique pieces. Definitely makes it worth it to me.


How do you incorporate thrifted pieces into your wardrobe?

Vintage jackets and oversized button up shirts are my my go-to for incorporating thrifted pieces into my everyday looks. I styled my vintage blazer with the Kaia Biker Set for my own modern twist. I recommend going to the men’s section in thrift stores for blazers, flannels, and oversized button ups!


Here I styled a printed top from the Rose Bowl Flea Market with the New Age Plaid Skort for some unexpected pattern play!

Is there anything you should stay away from?

Donated clothes may have rips or stains, so always thoroughly check the clothes before you buy it. You never want to come home and try on your amazing find to realize there are giant holes in the arm pits.. yes that happened to me last week. Don’t make my mistake!


What patterns or fabrics do you gravitate to?

When I walk into a thrift store I immediately channel a tiger in the wild- I’m straight up on the prowl. I gravitate towards eclectic prints, velvet, faux fur, anything beaded, plaid, and animal prints. I know it sounds like a lot, but when the possibilities are endless, why sell yourself short?

IMG_3294 copy.jpg

The most important thing when thrifting is to have fun with it and forget any expectations society has. I believe everyone can pull off anything- it just takes a little confidence (fake it til’ you make it), and don’t take yourself too seriously.


Like the fabulous Penny Lane says, “I always tell the girls, never take it seriously.” This quote always stuck with me. Although she was referring to love affairs with famous rockstars, it really applies to so much more. If a bejeweled sombrero is calling your name- go for it! Hey, I did.



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