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5 Life Changing Intentions For 2019

5 Life Changing Intentions For 2019

Welp... We are now 4,875 days into January and if you're like most of us, all those New Year's resolutions we made when we were drunk on "New Year, New Me" juice have gone to die in a fire somewhere. Maybe the problem with resolutions is that they just feel too finite. Like there isn't any room to fail and pick yourself back up. 

Intentions, however, are where it's at. Deliberate, incremental, lifestyle changes that add up to a life you're truly excited to be living, without all the pressure of doing it perfectly every time. Here's our list of the top 5 life changing intentions for 2019. We hope that at least a few speak to you.


No, I'm not advocating that you start eating food off the floor in 2019. The 'five second rule' is simply the notion that if a task takes 5 seconds or less to complete, you just go ahead and do it. If that sounds painfully easy to the point of being a little stupid- it totally is. Speaking from personal experience; though, it's a principle that changed my entire life. 

It's weird how when you break it down to only 5 seconds of discipline, suddenly normal adult tasks that once overwhelmed feel manageable. I no longer have an Everest sized pile of assorted jackets and coat growing on my couch because now I just hang up the one I'm wearing right away. I almost never have to do an exhausting BIG clean, because all my 5 second fixes add up to a life that's clean and clutter free without me being stressed out or neurotic about it. Give it a try. You may love it as much as I do.



Think about the most interesting person you know. Imagine BEING that person. Whether it's a walk through your nearest street art district, reading a few new books this year, actually going to that orchestra in the park thing, taking in one day a month at your local museum (most cities have at least one or two days a month you can get in if not for free, then at a deeply discounted rate BTW ) or taking your full grown self on a few field trips can actually feel really great and give you the new perspectives and creative reference points you never knew you needed.



We all have our routines, but I am trying to live my most interesting life. If you want a little everyday magic you've gotta be willing to go off script from time to time. Take yourself on a walk thru a different part of your city, actually stop and check out that coffee shop you always see on your way home, go to a new restaurant and try a cuisine you've never had before. It might not seem like a big deal, but if instead of doing what we always do, we even some of the time challenged ourselves to try something new- just for the novelty of doing it- what fully badass, much more interesting, lives we'd all be living!!



Life is way too effing short not to get out there and explore a little. While I'm not saying that watching Friends in your underwear during an epic Netflix bender isn't cool, I am saying that you won't look back in 20 years and remember doing it. GET OUT THERE. It doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant, but grab a friend and get outta dodge. The point is to do some living, not just existing. Think of it this way- if you invested in a mini adventure every OTHER weekend (while preserving your right to behave like an utter sloth on the other two weekends a month) you'd STILL have racked up 24 new tales of adventure for the ol' history books by the end of the year.



A truly great life not only looks good, but it FEELS good too. It never fails to amaze me how deeply I feel a positive and lasting impact when I go out of my way to be kind to someone else. It could be leaving an encouraging note on the desk of a co-worker who's having a tough week, saying the nice thing you were just thinking about the haircut of the girl in line in front of you, or asking the homeless person you're about to buy lunch for what their NAME is. Brightening the day of someone else invariably makes YOUR life feel more sparkly. And who doesn't want a sparkly life? I mean, honestly.


Here's to the journey, guys! May it be an epic one toward the happiest version of yourself!



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