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3 Scary-Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

3 Scary-Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

Hey babes! We know you’re busy rushing to find the perfect costume with your ghoul-friends, taking cute pictures at the pumpkin patch and trying to carve the best jack-o-lantern this fall! With October flying by, we did some of the work for you in creating three cute, yet simple, makeup looks to go with your thrown-together, last minute costume! These looks are so easy it’s scary.

Everything you need for these looks, you probably already have them at home (or if you’re like me and carry almost everything in a magical Mary Poppins bag). Here’s a list of products and items you’ll need to get creepy cute!


If you need to snag some new makeup products for these looks, head on to Target, aka heaven if you have some type of self control, and pick up some of these items from E.L.F. Their products are reasonably priced and fair quality, especially if you’re just using it for this specific occasion!

Now that you have everything you need, let’s get creative! Start out with your normal face routine, and we’ll build on from there!

Spots, Spots, Spots!

  1. For the cheetah spots, start with a small amount of warm toned eyeshadow like brown, orange or mustard yellow (if you’re going for more of a Lisa Frank inspired look, you can use pink or purple). Softly rub your finger or a soft blending brush into the eyeshadow pan and then gently dab it onto the skin making a circle/oval shape. Apply a small amount of product first and then add more as you go. You can build on certain areas for a more dramatic effect. We focused on the cheek bones, up the temples and then gradually over the forehead.

  2. Next you will need the brown/black eyeliner. Go over the circles you made with the shadow and make one “C” shape with the eyeliner and then leave space and create another “C” making an incomplete circle over the eyeshadow. I suggest mapping out with the pencil first and then going over with the liquid for a darker desired look.

  3. Set with powder or highlighter to top off this look!

Mystical, Magical, or Extraterrestrial

  1. Use a fluffy blending brush and the desired shade for your look, buff the color onto your eyelid by gently moving the brush in small circular motions.We used the purple shade from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette called “Gem”. You can add some dimension to the look by adding a slightly darker color into the crease of your eye in a sweeping motion, back and forth in your crease. We used the purple shade from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette called “Sparks.”

  2. Softly create an “S” shape starting from just underneath the outer corner of your eye coming down your cheek and back around toward your jawline. Continue to blend and add as much shadow as desired. We used “Gem” again and made the “S” shape quite dark for a dramatic effect.

  3. Add on your glitter or highlighter around the round parts of the “S” shape you created. We added “Unicorn Snot” around the eyes and the “S” shape!

  4. Add stars or more glitter in and around the “S”. You can create stars using white eyeliner or you can go to your local craft store and purchase iridescent stars like the ones we used. We used tweezers and eyelash glue and gently dipped the stars in the glue and then placed then around the “S” shape as needed.

Blood, Guts or Glory

For this look we used concealer on the eyelids and created a red eyeshadow look with black winged liner. You can make the eye makeup however you want and add the blood. Here’s how we did the blood.

  1. Using your red lipstick, carefully draw a line from the outer corner of your eye down your cheek. To achieve a dripping effect, make the end of the line rounded. If you’re using a liquid lipstick you can add more to the lip brush applicator and place it on the line and apply pressure so the lipstick does actually drip down your face.

  2. Repeat the first step creating as many “drops” of blood as you would like. We created three drops down the face to intensify the look.

  3. To finish off the look we chose to add a red lip using the same Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Outlaw we used for the drops of blood. You can use red lipstick for a classic look. If you would like to create a darker effect you can wear black lipstick as well. Both look really great with the blood drops.

Remember when getting ready; makeup and Halloween are meant to be fun and filled with creativity. Bring as much flare and pazazz to these looks as you want and make them your own! With Halloween around the corner we hope these looks give you something fun and festive to do to get into the spirit!

Share the love! Try these looks out this Halloween, and tag @threads and #threadsbabe for a chance to be featured!

Happy Haunting!


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