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Artists We Love: Cathie Rattanakone

Artists We Love: Cathie Rattanakone

Today we are highlighting one of our OG babes, Cathie Rattanakone. Threads HQ has worked with this talented LA based photographer on past photoshoots. An art lover and skincare fanatic, Cathie is constantly capturing effortless and edgy photos of her friends and travels (while working of course). Keep scrolling to get some insight on the struggles of freelance work and inspiration to keep your hustle going. ♡


What are the biggest struggles you experience as a freelance photographer?

There are 2 main struggles that I go through while working on building my career. The first one is not knowing when your next paycheck will be. That is a big stress because you need to pay rent and bills on time ( you know the typical life of a creative haha). My second struggle is having to constantly sell yourself to companies to book projects whether it's for photography, videography, or content creation for Instagram. The rejection after awhile is exhausting but you just have to remember to NEVER give up!

What is a secret to making your photography so unique?

REFLECTIONS! What you can capture through a reflection at the right angle/timing is amazing. Along with shooting with mirrors; it is so much fun and it's insane what type of photo you can create.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

Honestly all of my friends. It's hard just to choose one but when you have friends that are doing anything creative just like yourself- you are inspired by their hard work and dedication.


Did you have a side hustle when you first started out? Do you still have one?

I did! I worked as a receptionist in the music industry Monday to Friday and it took a toll on me. I quit last year in March and now I work as a full time freelance artist. It was scary and a big step but I knew I needed to do it.

Advice you wish someone had shared when launching your career?

There's going to be a lot of hard days but NEVER give up. Don't compare yourself or your success to others. You are worthy. Persist to showcase your talent no matter what anyone says

Follow Cathie on instagram // @darkmintdaisy

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