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Threads Babe Travel Horoscopes 2019

Threads Babe Travel Horoscopes 2019

Pisces: Costa Rica

What better way to unwind than in Costa Rica? It is time to celebrate all your hard earnings by indulging in a few fruity drinks out in the coastal sun. Get a nice tan, you deserve it! Channel your inner daredevil and zip line through Costa Rica’s rich wildlife. To top it all off, take a dip in the luxurious Tabacon Hot Springs with natural, flowing waterfalls.


Aries: Santorini, Greece

For Aries, you are adventurous, independent, and energetic. With your thrill seeking personality, you’ve been itching to travel and Santorini is the perfect place to do it. Santorini is full of photogenic clifftop houses overlooking the serene waters of Greece. Take a sip of wine from their local winery while you’re at it.   

Taurus: Bali

For my Taurus adventurers, Bali was made for you! With gorgeous cultural landmarks and natural beauty, there’s anything and everything you want to do. From exploring rice terraces to Bali’s largest temple, there is a sight for everyone. Be Indiana Jones for a day and explore the incredible Buddhist cave featuring a healing bathing pool.

Gemini: Berlin, Germany

Dear Gemini, you are sociable, quick-witted, and a dream-seeker. Explore the city of Berlin full of history and new inspiration. Visit the Berlin Wall, Mauerpark Flea Market, and Olympic Stadium. Even try their world famous kebabs at Mustafa’s Kebabs. The wait can go as long as an hour or two, but trust me it’s worth it! End the night at the coolest rooftop bar in Berlin, Klunkerkranich featuring live DJs and a view overlooking the city of Berlin.


Cancer: Iceland

For my Cancer babes, you are intuitive and self-reflective. A fast-paced lifestyle is great, but a relaxed atmosphere is just what you need. Take a visit to the breath-taking landscapes of Iceland. Hike the Skaftafell Nature Reserve for a beautiful waterfall at the end of the hike. Feel inspired by the open green fields and the great cliffs along the sea. Take this time to self-reflect and cherish the moment and then treat yourself by taking a relaxing dip in the Blue Lagoon.

Leo: New York City

For my life-loving Leos, it’s time to par-tay! Get ready for a day of adventure and a night of dancing. Start off your day exploring Central Park, Yankee Stadium, and Times Square. Once dusk hits, it’s time to switch out your tennis shoes for a good pair of heels. Hit up the bars, clubs, or music shows for an endless list of activities. There are no limits when you’re in the city of lights and vibrant atmosphere. Finally end your night with New York’s famous pizzas on every corner. There’s a little taste of New York for you!

Virgo: Singapore

For my nature and animal loving Virgos, Singapore will make all your wishes come true. Escape at the world famous botanical garden made popular by the hit movie, Crazy Rich Asians. Walk around at night with gorgeous lights lit up across the entire 18 Supertrees. Then visit bird heaven at Jurong Bird Park to see endangered species of birds from flamingos to penguins.


Libra: Mexico City

Break out of your normal routine and submerge yourself in the Spanish culture. Explore the artistic culture of the white marble palace and the Frida Karlo Museum. A culture filled with art and music is perfect for Libras. Hit up the salsa clubs and show off all your dance moves and maybe even learn some new ones.

Scorpio: Morocco

For my Scorpios, you’ll love this one! You are brave and a definite adrenaline junky. Travel to Morocco and spend your days in the Erg Chebbi dunes and book a camel while you’re at it. Stay after dark for an absolute breath-taking view of the glowing constellations. Walk around the Blue Streets of Chefchaouen and take in the colorful architectural houses and craft markets.

Sagittarius: Safari

The Safari is not your typical vacation spot, but definitely one for the books. Add this to your bucket list because the Safari is not one to miss out on. Go glamping in Serengeti National Park and camp out in the wilderness like you’ve never camped before. See hippos, zebras, and even lions casually roaming around in their natural habitats. Fully emerge in the Safari by taking a visit to the Maasai tribe where you will be welcomed by men and women chanting and dancing to their music.

Capricorn: Tokyo

For Capricorn babes, take some time to treat yourself to something new and exciting. From gorgeous landmarks to delicious foods, Tokyo is a place for adventure and discovery. On our bucket list, check out the animal cafe where you can have a play date with various animals like hedgehogs and owls. Then walk around Ueno Park for some gorgeous shots of the Japanese cherry blossoms extending along the streets of Japan. If that’s not enough, fully emerge in the Japanese culture by driving Go-Karts around the bustling city of Shibuya and around Tokyo in Super Mario costumes just like the video game.

Aquarius: Machu Picchu

For my Aquarius babes, look no further because Machu Picchu is perfect for you. Take a leap and dive into something you’ve always been curious about. Machu Picchu is absolutely stunning and just the break you need. Grab a group of like-minded people and discover the intricate constructions of agricultural terraces across the entire landscape. Take a breath and take everything in for Machu Picchu is a once in a life-time experience.


Safe travels <3


Jenn Hu

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