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Which Festival Icon Are You? 2019 April Horoscope

Which Festival Icon Are You? 2019 April Horoscope

Capricorn : Sincerely Jules

sincerely jules.jpeg

Hey Capricorn babes! This month you will have the chance to explore out of your comfort zone. You are going to have a new wave of energy that will leave you feeling completely transformed. Go ahead and let loose with your festival outfits. If you’re not quite ready to go to the extreme like dying your hair, try to mix-match prints and textures you wouldn’t ordinary think would work together like Sincerely Jules does with fuzzy sweaters and studded accessories. 

Aquarius: Shanina Shaik


Aquarius babes crave the fresh summer air they need to stay free and comfortable. With that in mind for festival season, wear a simple airy mesh jumpsuit that allows you to move freely and breathe. Add a bold print so you don’t feel too plain. Even though you might dress more simple this festival season, a true Aquarius will embody a poised spirit whatever they decide to wear.

Pisces: Rihanna

rihanna festival.jpg

Color blocking will be your new best friend. With a creative mind like Pisces, festival season is your time to showcase your effortless cool with bright, bold color blocks in your outfit like Rhianna wore at the Fenty x Puma Coachella Party. Don’t be afraid to have multiple stand out colors in your look- the brighter the better! 

Aries: Shay Mitchell

shay mitchell.jpg

Happy birthday Aries! Despite all the upheaval in your social life recently, you are now in a good place. You’ve decided to turn a new leaf and live healthier and happier. Moving forward into the festival season you will be in good spirits. You’ll prefer a edgy graphic crop top and some jewelry stacking to give you a badass, simple look. So grab your girl squad and take cute pictures in your new hairdo and laid-back outfit. Smile love, it is your birthday month! 

Taurus: Jamie Kidd

Jamie kidd festival.png

For Taurus, the month of April will be a time of meditation and spiritual growth. A weekend getaway full of music and fashion is just the medicine you need. For this festival season, flashy accessories will be your new go-to. Channel your inner bohemian chic with some statement necklaces and earrings. Match it all with a dreamy, flowy romper and make the most out of your festival getaway.

Gemini: Lais Ribeiro


There’s never a dull moment with Geminis. For the month of April, you will reignite your friendships and relationships that you haven’t been able to last month. Make a bold comeback and look good while doing it. Find an outfit that matches your playful personality. Mixing fringe and lace fabrics are fun and just the perfect amount of edgy you need. Add in a cute chunky belt, a pair of vintage mini framed sunglasses, and you’re on your way to becoming best dressed!

Cancer: Elle Ferguson

Elle Ferguson.jpg

Cancer babes, this month will be about taking care of your health. With everything going on in your life, you should focus on finding balance and rest. Embrace simplicity by wearing an outfit that is comfortable and minimal. Don’t go overboard with the glitz and glam if you’re not feeling it this month. Health is the most important thing so stay hydrated and be stress-free in cool denim Levi’s and a breezy printed top. 

Leo: Kylie Jenner


We all know Leos are fiery and passionate. When it comes to Coachella season, there’s no holding back. Prepare all the flashy and one of a kind pieces, just like Kylie Jenner at the Pretty Little Thing Coachella Party. Find something in a bright, fiery color that stands out and create a look around it. We promise you can’t go wrong with neon highlighter colors this year.

Virgo: Ellen Vlora

Ellen Vlora.jpg

April is looking like a good month for my Virgo babes. As impulsive as you’ll be this month, festival season is the perfect time to make the jump. Explore all your wild outfit ideas with the fresh energies of spring. There’s no shame in wearing the whole rainbow in an exciting one of a kind look. 

Libra: Chantel Jeffries

Chantel Jeff.jpg

Dear Libra babes, you are still in the midst of your social peak. Your love life will be stronger than ever so why not show a little skin in the summer heat. Libras love balance and harmony so a matching shorts set with a bold print is your go-to. Wear minimal accessories so you don’t clash with the print of your set. Float around festival season like the social butterfly that you are.

 Scorpio: Kendall Jenner

kendall jenner.jpg

Music, music, music! We know Scorpios are passionate about music and that it brings them solace. No wonder you’re going to one of the biggest events of the year. Your love life is looking brighter in April’s festival season. Don’t be afraid to show a little bit of your flirty side with some extra glam. Wear cute tanks that show off your irresistible shoulders, don’t be afraid to mix in sequin and chunky accessories and a statement hat to spruce up your look.

Sagittarius: Aimee Song

amiee song.jpg

Only the best for Sagittarius this month. Opt for fun, creativity, and a change of scenery. This month is all about adding new colors into your wardrobe. This calls for deep saturated colors that compliment your skin and hair. Try going for a matching pants set with dreamy colors and you’ll be a sight that’s hard to forget. The Coachella queen herself, Aimee Song changes it up with an all red, feminine vibe that all of us want.

Stay hydrated and have fun, loves!

xoxo Jennifer

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