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5 Workouts to Seamlessly Flow Into Your Day

5 Workouts to Seamlessly Flow Into Your Day

Yes I know it’s already April but your new year new bod is still in full swing. Personally, this year has been insane and getting on top of my fitness goal has been a huge priority of mine. If you’re anything like me, you are trying to juggle school, work, friends, family, while also pursuing your career goals so sometimes it’s hard to fit a workout in your daily routine. If you can relate, you’ll want to check out these 5 tricks to do when you have a packed schedule but still want to get your fitness in!


Calf raises are good to do basically ANYWHERE. I like to fit them in when I’m brushing my teeth or in the shower instead of standing around. You can also do them when you’re waiting in line or making your morning coffee. It’s such a simple move that once you start implementing them into your day, you wont even think about it and it will become second nature to you!


Having correct posture is extremely important, especially when you’re at work and stagnant for long periods of time. Keeping good posture will alleviate neck and back pain, increase oxygen intake and strengthen your core. When your posture is strong, your core is engaged, helping you tone your abdominals. While sitting at your desk you should keep your ear in line with your shoulders, hips slightly tucked under, back against a chair with support, feet flat on the ground, and your shoulders down and relaxed like you’re tucking them into your back pockets.



Okay this one sounds a little silly to just bust out a set of squats while you’re in public, but WHY NOT? We’re all trying to get those booty gains right? Here’s the trick: every time you get up to use the restroom, while you’re in the bathroom whip out a quick set of 10 squats before you sit down. Before you know it, you’ll have completed a full butt workout before you leave work. (Extra bonus points for drinking lots of water so you use the restroom more).


I know, sounds simple right? Well it is. Take 10 minutes (or all) of your lunch break to just walk around and explore, maybe stop to get coffee while you’re at it. Just getting your body up and moving for a solid 10 minutes straight has a crazy amount of benefits such as improving your mood, boosting brain power, improving your heart and lungs, and even promoting healthier skin. So when in doubt, walk it out right?

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Now I’m not telling you to turn into a super yogi but adding in some stretching before you go to bed will seriously change your body. You don’t have to stretch only at night, but for me throwing in a little flow before I go to sleep always helps me sleep way better. No matter what time of day you stretch, it will help keep your muscles tight and toned, improve that posture you’ve been working on, of course boost your flexibility, and reduce your stress level. Click here for a quick 5 minute bedtime yoga routine to follow along with!

I hope these little tricks help you babes to jumpstart your fitness journey or to keep you in check on your off days. Stay healthy and strong babes!



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