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Lifesaving Coachella Hacks

Lifesaving Coachella Hacks

Let's get real ladies - okay that sounds a little dramatic. But seriously, let's get SERIOUS. Coachella is no joke. Whether you are a frequent flyer or a new attendee to this festival, I'm here to give you some tips to keep you hydrated, comfortable, and clean while living your best life at Coachella.


1. Making The Most Out Of Your Stay

If you are staying in an airbnb/hotel you most likely are planning on ubering to the event. That's okay if you're willing to pay $30+ on Uber rides. If that isn't your jam (no pun intended) you can also purchase a shuttle pass, which helps cut down on your daily spending by taking you to and from Coachella with multiple pick up and drop off locations.

If you’re in a last minute pinch to find a place to stay, I would 100% recommend car camping. You can purchase a car camping pass through the open forum that Coachella provides for anyone to buy and sell all tickets/passes Coachella related. The car camping pass usually comes out to $50-$125 for your entire stay. Just remember to bring basic essentials, such as a mirror to get ready at your site and an easy-up for a little bit of shade to escape from the sun.

2. Staying Fresh

During the day, Coachella is HOT! You will definitely be sweating and surrounded by quite a few smelly people, so staying fresh and clean is important. If you are camping, the lines for the showers get crazy long early in the day and don't let up until everyone is off to hear the music. I recommend taking your shower before the sun comes up or late at night after the headlining artist finishes. Don’t forget baby wipes to clean your body throughout the day or for the times you can't get into a shower.

One of the the best things I brought to Coachella was Olay Daily Facial Wipes. Simply pour water on them and they foam up better than normal face washes! Lastly, bring a mini deodorant to throw in your bag when you're in the festival, like I said, it gets very hot and it never hurts to reapply.


3. Cut Your Spending Where You Can

To be honest, once you're in the grounds, the price of food gets jacked up. You’ll most likely pay $20 a plate for something as basic as fries. I recommend stocking up on some easy snacks you can eat back at your airbnb/campsite so you aren't splurging on every single meal. Last year, I lived off almond butter and banana sandwiches for most of my time.

This next one is a definite essential: Vitamin Hydration Packs. You can mix them into your water and they instantly revive you. When you are spending most of your day walking around in the desert heat you can get dehydrated fast so these little hydration packs are a must to put in your backpack.


4. Staying Comfortable

If you're anything like me, you have been planning your outfits for weeks. I mean Coachella is only one of the biggest fashion shows of the year. However, our ensembles can be a little impractical. After you get all the perfect shots of your outfits for instagram, ditch the heels and throw on some chunky sneakers. Your feet will thank you after a long day/night of walking around in the dirt. Also, you absolutely need a backpack! It's so helpful to carry everything you need and also be hands free. Try finding one that is fun and will match all your outfits.

Fun fact: however hot it may be in the day, the temperature drops as soon as the sun goes down. Don’t forget to pack a cute jacket, sweater, or scarf to wrap around you when you start to feel that chill.


5. Funtivities With Your People

As soon as you get into the Coachella grounds, you lose cell service. Figure out a plan with your friends so you can find each other if you get separated.

Last but not least, there are drinking zones where you can purchase and drink alcohol. Most times, they are far away from the stages, so come prepared however you see lit...I meant fit lol.♡

Good luck babes, and have fun!

xoxo, Jade

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