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Spotlight: One of a Kind Vintage Threads

Spotlight: One of a Kind Vintage Threads

Why Vintage?

There’s nothing like rocking a piece of clothing that is rare, one of a kind, and more than just part of an outfit, but an extension of yourself and an expression of your personality. We want our vintage tees to be as unique as the babes wearing them! Each vintage piece has its own story. Follow along our journey to see a behind the scenes look at Vintage Threads.

The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

To find the best of the best, our team hunts for hours on end searching for everything from Pink Floyd 1973 Tour Tees to retro Tommy Hilfiger tops. After rounds of elimination, we carefully select the top tiers to bring home to our corporate office.


The Art Continues

Next stop on the itinerary: hand distressing each piece for a unique final touch! You can find me sprawled out with a pair of scissors jamming out to a John Craigie live album, as I cut my way through each tee. It’s almost as if I’m leaving a personal touch before it’s sent off to its new owner. Passing the torch, if you will. I know, I sound dramatic. But I think of each piece as a work of vintage art, that has lived through so much. So yes, I hate to see them go, but love knowing that someone out there will treasure it with their whole heart!


Our Latest Launch

Might be the best yet. Our latest collection is filled with oversized Harley tees, original Atlanta Braves finds, and EPIC tie dye Grateful Dead pieces. You’re going to want to check this one out, because there’s literally just one of each!

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