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Summer Fling: May 2019 Horoscope

Summer Fling: May 2019 Horoscope


Time to make the most of your summer. Chase what you want when it comes to love. Your strong and level-headed attitude will help you find what you really want and need. This summer will be a great time to connect with someone on a deeper level, but you have to listen to your heart and go after it. Don’t hold back Aries.


Summer will bring fresh energy into your relationships. It's a great time to relax and recharge. Seize the opportunity to let go and have some fun this summer. Head out on a vacation and forget your responsibilities. It's time to meet new people while keeping it casual this summer. Just go with the flow, and let lovers in naturally.


This summer is going to be boiling hot! Your love life will be full of passion, sensuality, and deep attraction. You are dreaming of changing your life and are fed up with your work routine. Don’t let that weigh you down this summer. Go after what… or who you've been dreaming of. They won’t disappoint!


Your professional life will have you going into the summer a little frustrated. Take a much needed vacation or even a small weekend road trip with your besties to get your mind back on track and jumpstart your sexy summer. After all, summer is your favorite season of the year. It would be a shame to not enjoy every moment of it. If you are single this summer, you have a very good chance of meeting someone you are extremely compatible with! Make sure to live in the moment and not be too preoccupied with work issues, or the chance might pass you by.


Your summer 2019 will get off to a tricky start and you’ll find it difficult to completely block out your worries and sources of stress. The summer season is perfect for you, Leo, and will give you the boost of confidence you need to feel good about yourself. You won’t be spending the summer alone. Passionate dates are definitely on the horizon for you so go ahead and indulge in fancy dinner dates. You won’t regret it. Let your stress fade away and concentrate your energies on the essential things in life.


Love is in the air during the summer 2019 season, Virgo! Whether you are already in a relationship or single, the passion and sensuality are palpable and will leave you on cloud nine. You are really looking forward to getting away from your work duties as well as your tedious daily routine. Savor every moment of summer 2019, and try to relax and block out your problems. Don’t waste your time and make the first spontaneous move with your lover. You never know where it might take you.


Summer is finally here, Libra, so make sure all the loose ends are tied up and head far away to a tropical beach to get in some serious relaxation. When it comes to your love life, summer 2019 will be relatively calm, but that’s not to say you won’t meet someone you really connect with towards the end of the season. If you are in a relationship, remember your partner needs attention and wants to spend time with you too. Getting the balance right between your professional and private life is essential for a good summer. Keep an eye on your relationships and make sure you're giving them the extra TLC that they need.


The buildup to summer has been a little tense and strenuous for you, Scorpio, and unfortunately summer 2019 won’t be any different. Your mind is everywhere and you may have trouble focusing your energy on any one thing at a time. Switching off from your normal daily routine is a challenge for you, and means you have a tough time relaxing and unwinding. If you are in a relationship, your partner will be your rock over the difficult months to come and will support you through thick and thin. Trying to wind down will bring you closer to your family and friends this summer. Just remember to have fun over the next few months and don’t regret anything!


The months leading up to summer have been difficult for your work, and at times in your personal life too. You are really looking forward to the start of a new season. The problem is you feel like you are responsible for everything and everyone, but that’s not the case. Sagittarius, the good news is your summer 2019 will be filled with amazing discoveries, exciting journeys, potential compatible love matches and fun parties with your friends and family by your side. Your high energy will carry you through these fun adventures and make you irresistible to new lovers, just make sure to take time to relax so you don’t tire yourself out before the fun really starts.


Capricorn, you’ll welcome summer 2019 with open arms because you are really feeling the need to relax and recharge your batteries. As far as your love life, summer is set to be a good season for you to meet new people and even find love this summer! You are very passionate and this season has a lot of new temptation coming your way. Make sure to take some time to unwind before jumping into your next relationship.


Here is some good news; at the beginning of summer you can expect to be rewarded for your efforts at work. You’ll start the summer season with a positive attitude and will definitely be excited for your well-deserved vacation. What is in store for Aquarius in the love department? Our Aquarius friends need to be careful with their hearts this summer. Single Aquarians need to be sure of their feelings before jumping into anything too serious. If you are in a relationship, things won’t be completely straightforward for you, as you need time to make the best choice for yourself. Try to work on your communication with your partner so you can enjoy your summer adventures together in harmony.



Your summer might get off to a slow start both in matters of love and work, but Jupiter will help open new doors and possibilities for you. Pisces, concentrate on making yourself happy this summer and be sure to put yourself first. People will find you irresistible this summer, and when you step out, everyone’s eyes will be on you! Passion and sensuality will invade your summer months and will liven up your relationships. If you are single, summer won’t be the best time for you to meet your soulmate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun in the sun!


I hope Summer 2019 is the best one yet, babes!



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