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Now That GOT Is Over, Here's 5 Shows To Watch!

Now That GOT Is Over, Here's 5 Shows To Watch!

Hey Babes! Here at Threads HQ we were in a serious funk after Game of Thrones ended this season. The only way to truly get over your relationship with such a show is to find a new one to replace it! Or better yet- five! Here’s what the babes at Threads HQ started watching to replace the beloved Game of Thrones!

Audrey (Buyer) - Good Girls


Good Girls follows 3 moms struggling to make ends meet. In an act of desperation, they plan and pull off an amateur grocery heist but accidentally steal money belonging to a crime lord. This show is the perfect blend of comedy and suspense as you watch the moms try to pay back the crime lord by getting deeper and deeper into trouble. Definitely worth the watch!

Nicole (Graphic Designer) - Dead To Me


I'm not gonna lie, I binged-watched the whole first season of Dead To Me in just one day. After the first episode, I was hooked- I laughed, I cried, and I realized how much I want to be bff's with Christina Applegate. Dead to Me is an addicting murder-mystery "chick flick"- think "Big Little Lies" meets "Desperate Housewives". It's the perfect show to binge-watch on a Sunday while avoiding all responsibilities. Trust me, at the end of the first episode your jaw will drop. Plus, dreamy James Marsden is in it ;)

Mona (Marketing Manager) - I Think You Should Leave


If you love the painfully awkward moments in The Office, you’re going to love this show. It can be difficult for me to commit to shows, so these 20 minute episodes were a breeze. Each episode is comprised of hilarious mini skits to keep you on your toes. The more you watch, the funnier it gets. So hop on the train, you won’t regret it!

Kate (Assistant Buyer) - Big Little Lies


Big Little Lies is the perfect show to watch by yourself, with friends, your mom, or even your man. It's the right amount of housewife drama, suspense, and adult humor all mixed into one show! Oh, and let’s not forget about the fact that the whole first season is pretty much all about the events that led to a murder- I won’t say whose.. can't give away too many spoilers! Season 2 starts June 9th on HBO so get ready for the perfect summer show to watch!

Jade (Social Media) - When They See Us


If you’re anything like me, obsessed with true crime and having a good cry while watching a TV show, this series will be great for you. When They See Us is a dramatized account of the Central Park 5, where five boys from New York in 1989 were wrongfully accused and charged with the assault of a woman in Central Park. It takes you through many issues of the criminal justice system while telling the stories of these boys becoming men and navigating through prison and life after. You will not regret watching this four part series.

Hope you enjoy these shows as much as we do! Leave a comment below and let us know what YOU have been watching, so we can too!


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