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July 2019 Horoscopes: Relationship Advice from the Cosmos

July 2019 Horoscopes: Relationship Advice from the Cosmos

Romantic ties, friendships, family and even self love are the main focus this month, babe! Tune into the cosmos to see what you should be focusing on to fully flourish this July!


Channel that fire inside you this month and express what you need in your relationships. Voicing what you need is a healthy trait, Aries. Be fierce, babe!



Let your heart lead you this month, babe. Stick close to family and evaluate problematic relationships. Don’t be afraid to let your feelings flow.


This month is a great time for you to reach out to old friends or mentors. Rekindling old relationships this month will help to feed your energy and bring out your passions, babe!


It might not come so naturally to you babe, but try to embrace your softer side this month. Gear up for big transitions in close relationships and don’t be afraid to share your true feelings.


Patience is a virtue, babe! This month, embrace your FOMO and opt for a stay-cation instead. Focusing on yourself is just as important as fostering relationships. Take a break from all those late nights out and maybe have a little wine night - just you and your glass!


For you babe this month is all about getting deeper! Focus on getting closer to your person - emotionally and physically. Try a date night in - cook together, watch a rom-com and maybe try a few new moves in the bedroom!


This month your social calendar is wide open! Your magnetic nature will draw people to you - take them up on that happy hour invite, or do something fun with your SO. Either way babe, show up for those relationships that mean the most to you!


You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, it’s okay babe. Take a deep breath! Tap into those buried emotions and get honest with yourself and those closest to you. Sitting down and chatting with one of your best babes openly will make your stress melt away!


Channel your natural truth-telling abilities this month to dig deep and self-assess how you are really doing. Communicate clearly with loved ones on what you need and what you are going through. Honestly is always the best policy, babe.



Take a deep breath in… and out. Put down the phone, babe! You’re really fed up right now from everyone’s awesome vaycay grams. Take a digital detox over the weekend to reset and focus on yourself. Maybe even go home for the weekend to get back to your roots, family is the best way to recenter yourself!


Woah babe, you are exhausted! Take a step back this month to refuel and take care of yourself. You give yourself over to your relationships - which is a wonderful trait - but make sure you are getting back the energy you put out! Declining an invite every now and again is an invitation to taking care of yourself.


This month is all about fostering new relationships for you, babe! Step out of your comfort zone and meet some new people - you’ll be surprised at the amazing new friends you’ll meet, and what you’ll learn about yourself for trying something new!

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