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Rush Tell-All: Everything You Need To Know

Rush Tell-All: Everything You Need To Know

Finding your sisterhood can be scary, crazy, intimidating, and all of the above. But it should also be FUN. We teamed up with our Threads Babes who have rushed all over the states to share with you the secrets they wish they knew going into Rush! So now you can be relaxed, ready, and most importantly- yourself!

What did you pack in your purse during rush?

  • WATER. Simple, but so essential. You’re talking a lot + it’s hot out there babes! Add a packet of Liquid IV for extra hydration in the sun! You can buy some HERE.

  • Mints + snacks to hold you over between houses.

  • Tissues + deodorant. Just trust us on this one.

  • Extra pair of flat shoes- so much walking is involved.

  • Lipstick, concealer, and any other makeup essential you have.


Were you nervous? How did you stay calm?

Always remember, you’re not the only one going through it. Reality is, both the rushees and the sorority members are freakin’ too. So you’re in it together! Just be true to yourself and speak from your heart. Pro tip: Do your homework. Check out the core values and philanthropies of all the sororities so you’re prepared!

If you could go back, what do you wish you knew going into rush?

It’s not as serious as it’s made out to be. Of course it’s a formal process, and on the outside it can seem like you’re simply being judged on XYZ and need to be as perfect as possible. But you can’t think that way. Sororities are just looking for women that hold themselves to the same values as their chapter. So stay true to yourself, and the rest will come naturally.


Are you happy you rushed?

Having a community is so important. Rushing and joining a sorority is a great way to build that support system in such a monumental time of your life. Babes empower babes. It’s so wonderful to have women you can fall back on, and be there for them as they are for you. Not only are you building a community when you join a sorority, but it is also a great opportunity to give back to your community through philanthropy.


Favorite look from our Rush Shop?

Going with the Ophelia Tie Wrap Dress paired with the Let’s Dance Snakeskin Heels. It’s the perfect look for either sisterhood night or bid/pref day (it comes in both black and white). It has all the fun details that make your look stand out, but it’s not too over the top!

What types of questions were you asked during interview rounds?

It usually starts out pretty basic- where you are from, hobbies, major, etc. Like any relationship, the deeper you get into rush, the deeper the questions got. What are your core values? What does sisterhood mean to you? Questions of that nature!

How did you style your hair?

Each day of rush gets a little more formal. Beach waves / straightened hair is a great way to start the week! You can add barrettes and other hair accessories to dress your look up a bit later in the week! You can shop some HERE.


Most important piece of advice?

Go into rush open minded. Ignore the opinions and gossip you may have heard from others. Enter each house with open arms and make your own judgements based on how you feel being in the room with the girls, rather than what you’ve heard about them. After all, you are looking for your home. We can’t stress enough how important it is to be just relaxed and yourself. It’s truly just about getting to know each other.


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