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October 2019 Horoscopes

October 2019 Horoscopes


October is the month of getting more in touch with yourself. This next few weeks are all about empowerment and becoming who you are truly meant to be, so don’t be afraid to take center stage and remind us of your power and what you are capable of. Expressing your true identity can bring new light to what you are meant to contribute to this world that no one else can. Remember it’s your season after all, babe.


With the fall rolling in, October is a time for you to slow down and rest. Listen to your body and appreciate all it has done. It’s okay to take a break. Don’t be afraid to turn down social events or a night out with friends. Sometimes it feels so nice to spend time with yourself. Taking a break will help you rejuvenate and jump into next month with a little extra power.


This month is all about making genuine connections, babe. Start spending more time with the friends that lift you up and committing to groups you believe in. What ever you are passionate about, find people that are driven by the same things and don’t be afraid to reach out. Trying to achieve your goals alone is nearly impossible. It’s time to find like-minded individuals who will run with you.


It’s time for you to get serious this month. Goals, projects, etc. you’ve been working extremely hard on are waiting for you to pull the trigger. It may not feel like it, but your were made to take leadership. All the effort you have put into your projects these past few months has earned you a spot and people are willing to listen. You are here, so don’t be afraid to hit your dreams out of the park, babe.


October is a month about embracing the unknown and opening up your spirit to travel and adventure. Open your eyes to something unfamiliar. Book a trip somewhere, rsvp to an event, or go on a date that puts you out of your comfort zone. Step away from your jumbled thoughts and let new experiences expand your perspective this month. The world is so vast, so get out there and learn.

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This month is all about being vulnerable, babe. You need to be aware and accepting of your feelings. It’s time to face things you’ve been putting to the side or pretending don’t exist. Do not be afraid to dig up old experiences from the past and confront them. Being in touch with how you feel inside will help you decide what is truly worth your time to transform.



You have been hard at work these past few months, babe, but now is the time to take solace in your relationships ( partner, friends, family, even a coworker). Making moves and climbing the ladder of success has been fairly easy for you, but this month can be a great time to express your hardships with someone trustworthy as you may find great relief. Remember, it’s okay to let your wall down as it only makes relationships stronger and empowers your soul.


You’ve been having a lot of fun the past few months, babe, but this month is going to put you to the test. It’s time to take accountability and set up a new routine to maximize your efficiency for the boss babe you are. Try setting up your calendar or making to-do lists to help you organize your busy schedule. Remember to focus on the details at hand and never look back.


October is the month of happiness and creativity for you after these past few weeks of darkness. This month is about expressing yourself in all aspects of your life (love, work, art) with no goal in mind. This burst of joy and creative inspiration will bring you closer to ultimate self acceptance, so don’t be afraid to embrace it and just go with the flow, babe.


This month will have you feeling a bit nostalgic, babe. Whether you’re thinking of family, friends, or home, focus on what brings you joy from the past and embrace it. If you have old memories you can’t shake off, you need to decide if you have outgrown them or want to take hold of them. Remember it’s okay to let go.


October is one big social hour for you, babe. Many opportunities to speak your voice, network, or catch up with friends are on the rise. Get out of your comfort zone, break your routine a little, and say yes to every invitation that comes your way. Even if you’re not the most outgoing, this is your time to shine, so don’t doubt your social skills.


This month is all about getting down to business for you, and I mean REAL business. You need to become very clear on your value. The past few weeks you have been having a lot of fun, but not tending much to your bank account. Try straightening up your finances and seeing what you can actually afford. Don’t be scared; it’s empowering to have knowledge, babe.

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