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American Threads Comes to Austin!

American Threads Comes to Austin!

Austin has been on our radar for some time now.  The land of brews and BBQ, with its home grown music festivals, quirky neighborhoods and seemingly endless number of colorful local haunts has beckoned many a babe with its siren’s call of cool over the years. So much so that we finally had to ask ourselves- Is Threads AUSTIN a thing!?!?!

Well gals, hang on to your Lack of Color hats because in just a few short weeks American Threads Austin will absolutely, positively, be a thing!!!! In celebration of the epic expansion we put together a list of of our favorite ways to brunch, lunch and keep it weird in the music capital of the world! We could not be more excited to announce that our newest location will be opening at The Domain in Austin!

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 2.57.34 PM.png

1. Texas BBq at La Barbecue

A female fronted, local institution, La Barbecue is required eating. The lines might not be for the faint of heart, but neither is the deliciousness of the BBQ.  Life Hack: you can pre-order your meal up to 3 days in advance! Trust us on this one- that line is no joke!

2. Austin’s Music Scene

They say there’s no such thing as free lunch, but what about a free concert!?! The home of SXSW & The Austin City Limits festival doesn’t disappoint here either. Even if you don’t have the coin to attend either festival, you can take in the sounds of the city with a stroll through Downtown, The Warehouse District or, our personal fave, 6th street.

3. The Best Brunch

There are two things that make for a hot brunch spot: delicious noms & an instagramable aesthetic in which to capture eating said noms. Café No Sé delivers on both!


4. Bats at Congress Bridge

Sometimes you gotta do something weird just for the story of it all. “That time I saw literally a MILLION bats....” sounds like the kind of opener only Bruce Wayne gets to use so maybe just take our word on this one and head on over to Congress Bridge. All it will cost you is 10 minutes and a sunset. Seems like a pretty good deal.


Hope you babes have fun exploring this city we love and we can’t wait to see you there!



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