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5 Tips To Be More Present In Life

5 Tips To Be More Present In Life

It’s 2019, and your phone is the one consistent thing in your life. Always with ya every step of the way. It can be a great tool- it’s a personal navigation system, a way to call loved ones, you know the rest. But every good thing has a downfall. I personally face the issue of not being PRESENT in my life because I’m too caught up staring at a screen, and often times comparing myself to unrealistic standards. Everyone deals with this to some extent. Don’t blame yourself, but instead read along for some simple tips to be more present, and in doing so, more happy in your life.

1. Photograph on a Disposable Camera


Do you ever find yourself taking 3,000 photos to get THE photo, and then they just get lost in your camera roll for eternity and you never look back? Yeah, this sounds familiar. Put your phone away and get a disposable camera, which is less than $10 on Amazon. You’ll find it’s way more fun to capture each moment with ONE click, and you can get physical photos that you will actually look at often. Hang ‘em up on the wall and make a collage, mail them to friends, or put them in a photo album to hold onto forever.

2. Jams > TV


If you’re making dinner or hanging out with family and friends, try listening to tunes instead of having the TV on as background noise. It sounds simple, but listening to music is so much more conducive to having real conversations and interactions, versus staring at a screen. Don’t believe me? Try listening to this playlist I found on Spotify while you make dinner with your fam next- it’ll be hard not to have a good time.

3. The Phone Game


It’s honestly the worst feeling when you sit down at dinner with your friends and look up to realize everyone is staring at their phone. Not cool. Try playing the phone game, where everyone stacks their phones during a meal, and the first person to grab theirs has to buy everyone’s meal! This game will do the trick every time.

4. Send Hand Written Notes


This may be old fashioned, but in 10 years are you really going to look back at sweet texts you received from years before? Of course not. But a hand written card is something you can treasure forever. It feels good to receive one, it feels good to send one, so hop on the train and send something sentimental to all the loves in your life!

5. Keep Social Media Out of the Bed


This is a tough one. But I hate that the first and last thing I do everyday is check Instagram. I don’t want to be that girl anymore, but it’s hard to have self control when clicking that app is basically muscle memory. SO, I found this feature you can use if you have an i-phone called “Downtime.” (Settings > Screen Time > Downtime) You can set a schedule, and during that downtime, only apps you choose to allow and phone calls will be available. Thank you i-phone, for making it easier not to use you. ♡

Life is beautiful and amazing and SHORT. You will never remember the hours you spent staring at your phone, but you will remember spending time with the people you love and soaking up all the little moments that make up life.

Thanks for reading! Now get off your phone ;)



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